why does the universe exist

AS DOUGLAS ADAMS once wrote: “The universe is big. © TED Conferences, LLC. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do we know what, if anything, happened before the big bang, and why the singularity would have existed in the first place? I believe this potential is infinite. This, of course, is non-sense. The personal, eternal cause of the universe decided at a particular point in time to bring the universe into existence. If there were nothing, there would be nobody to complain. 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Why does the universe exist? Leibniz argues for the existence of God as the reason for the origin of the universe. There will be nothing. Even at the level of absolute nothingness there is still potential. :An … The argument was a lengthy quote in a book I was reading by Dr. Henry M. Morris, founder of the Creation Research institute. According to the standard Big Bang model, the universe was born during a period of inflation that began about 13.8 billion years ago. At any moment, the universe may collapse back into the true vacuum state, at which point there will be no universe. If this Universe did NOT exist, NO ONE, including YOU, would exist to ask the question. Ultimate free lunch: The universe came from absolutely nothing, ‘You are everywhere!’ Human consciousness exists BEFORE birth, ‘Angel Particle’ found, could lead to 100 MILLION times faster comps, Alan Guth: Universe is ultimate free lunch. “Perhaps the big bang was just nothingness doing what comes naturally”. But this potential has no potential at all were it not for the fact that it is stirred into expressing such pote. These pop-up particles are known as Quarks and they make up wisps of existence known as Mesons and Baryons. Something – existence – seems far preferable. This fact would seem arbitrary. Morgenbesser was once asked, “Why is there something, rather than nothing?” and purportedly answered, “If there were nothing, you'd still be complaining” (195). “According to quantum theory, there is no state of ’emptiness’,”. Most physicists now think that the universe began with the Big Bang. Actually, the title does not say it all–the question should be framed: “why does the universe exist?” This is a question which most likely goes back to the dawn of mankind, to our most primitive myths and religions, and which certainly interested our earliest philosophers. Learn more about the In this essay I summarize the cosmological argument from contingency offered by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The writer Jim Holt explores the fundamental question of ontology. Go deeper into fascinating topics with original video series from TED. Why isn't this obvious? Why Does the World Exist? Over the last few centuries, however, the divide between science and philosophy has grown larger and more irreconcilable, even while science overwhelmingly surpassed philosophy in importance. Browse the library of TED talks and speakers, 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds. The new findings seem to break the classical physics law of the Conservation of Energy – that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – showing that new energy can appear within a closed system from nowhere. Does science have a definitive (or at least widely agreed upon) answer to the question of why … It does not explain "WHY the universe exists". Indeed they have theorised further that the universe really does not like ‘nothing’ – and perhaps the state of nothingness is an impossible state. A spokesman for science explainer channel Strange Mysteries said: “According to quantum mechanics the idea of nothingness persisting for all time is unrealistic as there’s no such thing as empty space. You will see the universe … Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. is an intellectual quest of one the most intriguing philosophical questions, "Why Does the World Exist". Why does the universe exist? And God created, indeed, out of nothing at all. Must be a slow week. Hard to imagine now, but it’s true. These Quantum physicists first theorised, then proved, that particles simply pop into existence, usually in pairs, from absolutely nowhere. All rights reserved. The instant after the Big Bang, know as Inflation, was a period of massive energy and expansion but the negative energy of gravity precisely cancelled this out – leaving a zero sum. Even if its features were in no way special, it would be puzzling why, out of all possible Universes, this is the one that exists. Since an impersonal eternal cause is not possible as an explanation for the existence of the universe, the only other option available to us as a personal, eternal cause of the universe. Empty space, in time, eventually starts to froth and bubble. Because the universe is a physical entity, it is contingent, and because it is contingent, there needs to be a sufficient reason for its existence. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. But there was the chance for that nothing to become the universe. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express “It spontaneously starts producing quark-antiquark pairs.”. This may sound like the dumbest of questions, for we know our universe is all the matter and energy that inhabits space and time. There are several prespective advaita is one such perspective.. its like scientific big bang theory.. out of explosion universe created.. why the explosion happened … This explains what appealed to me about Jim Holt’s TED Talk on “Why Does the Universe Exist?” Talk about a big question! “These bubbles of spacetime form particles out of nothing just like those weird particles, and we think a similar bubble may have formed out of nothing to create our entire universe.”. Why does the universe exist? Many quantum physicists have even drawn the conclusion that nothingness itself cannot exist. But what appealed to me about Holt’s Talk wasn’t just the chutzpah of the question, but that he proposes several possibilities, not trying to reduce such a … See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Why does the universe exist at all, and why are we in it? At first all the matter and energy in the universe was crammed together in one … Why is there something instead of nothing? therefore, the Universe had a cause. We DO NOT KNOW the answer to that question. Of course, biblically we would say that God, the God of Scripture brought the universe into existence. Before the universe, there was nothing. The novelist John Updike playfully responds. A lot of these articles seem to be questions that Bill Nye gets from 8-year old kids on his show. Wheeler believes the quest for an answer to that question inevitably entails wrestling with the implications of one of the strangest aspects of modern physics: According to the rules of quantum mechanics, our observations influence the universe at the most fundamental levels. In a mathematically perfect universe, we would be less than dead; we would never have existed. By Sean Carroll. In other words: Why does the universe exist (and why are we in it)? Premise 1 seems to me to be more likely to be true than its negation. Basically what he’s saying is that the universe exists because it can exist. Scientists send particle into orbit from lab. Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Why Does the Universe Exist? When I was a freshman in high school, I encountered the following argument for the existence of God. 10 mysteries of the universe: Why does anything exist at all? the Universe began to exist. Why does the universe exist? Quantum physics involves a trade off between time and energy - something that lasts a long time must have little energy and vice versa. Does it exist because God created it, in kindergarten school, weren't you attentive to the teachers' lessons?-----Additional data: after 36 minutes. And since the possibility existed, it was bound to happen eventually. “Even in a perfect vacuum particles and anti-particles flash in and out of existence, and they return to no-where when they’re done. Why is there something rather than nothing? And scientists have theorised that the once this principle is proven the rest is just a matter of scale. Why Does the Universe Exist and Other Things We Cannot Know Philosophy used to be the king of science. Victor Stenger, a physicist at the University of Colorado in Boulder added: “Something is the more natural state than nothing. Particle physicist Harry Cliff works on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and he has some potentially bad news for people who seek answers to these questions. "Why does the universe exist?" The puzzle of why there is something rather than nothing – from which all the biggest questions of metaphysics spring such as ‘where did we come from?’ ‘why are we conscious?’ – has been largely solved by scientists studying the physics of the infinitesimally small – and applying them to the incomprehensibly large. Carroll begins the chapter with a glib anecdote from Sidney Morgenbesser, a philosophy professor at Columbia. Really big.” And yet if our theory of the big bang is right, the universe was once a lot … 1. Philosopher and author Jim Holt plays the role of the inquisitive detective who is on a mission to answer the ultimate question of existence. He doesn’t need any preexisting materials to fashion a world out of. Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who specialises is quantum chromodynamics, the theory that describes how quarks behave deep within atomic nuclei, has found that the universe simply doesn’t like a state of nothingness. Express. : An Existential Detective Story by Jim Holt "Why Does the World Exist?" That glass hypodermic syringe with insulin was VERY REAL every morning. The zero sum actually gets around the Conservation of Energy problem because if there is zero overall energy to conserve, the problem evaporates – and a universe that simply popped out of nothing becomes not just plausible, but probable. By Jay Rogers. But thankfully, Carroll doesn't stop with the witticism (though one … He either was or pretended to be an Orthodox Christian in his metaphysical outlook, and he said it’s obvious why the world exists: because God created it. He said: “You can form a state that has no quarks and antiquarks in it, and it’s totally unstable. Sidney Morgenbesser, a much-beloved professor of philosophy at Columbia University, renowned for his aphoristic wisdom, was once asked, “Why is there something, rather than nothing?” “If there were nothing,” Morgenbesser immediately replied, “you’d … I understood the difference between make; believe and reality before my 3rd birthday. Physicists have found the answer and it will blow your mind QUANTUM physicists have finally answered the biggest question of them all – why is there a universe? It began with the big bang almost 14 billion years ago. Posted September 10, 2008. A New Theory of the Universe (Robert Lanza, The American Scholar) The Simulation Argument (Nick Bostrom, Oxford University) Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation (Silas R. Beane et al, Cornell University Library Archive) Why does the universe exist? That’s how powerful God is. The whole group of universes, if there are indeed more than one, is commonly called the multiverse. The question ‘Why does the universe exist?’ can be answered in two steps: 1) First of all we will have to know as to whether there is any God or not; 2) If we can somehow come to know that there is a God, then we can further ask as to why he created the universe. SHOCK QUANTUM THEORY: The future is affecting the PAST, TELEPORTATION CRACKED! translators. Philosopher and writer Jim Holt follows this question … Professor Wilczek added: “There is no barrier between nothing and a rich universe full of matter. The Multiverse is an extremely controversial idea, but at its core it's a very simple concept. The eternal question of why the universe exists (or how something came from the nothing) is revisited by Jim Holt in his new book Why Does the World Exist? Why does the universe exist instead of nothing? Moreover, the Universe does seem to be special. The Universe could have been, in countless ways, different. newspaper archive. Open Translation Project. Our best theories predict that all the matter in the universe should have been destroyed as soon as it existed. Clearly, premise 1 is understood through our ability to interpret the world, and our own mind. Alan Guth, a cosmologist at MIT who came up with the inflation theory 30 years ago said:  “I like to say that the universe is the ultimate free lunch, “Maybe a better way of saying it is that something IS nothing.”. Furthermore, the title incorrectly implies that the theory answers, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Like a rapidly expanding balloon, it swelled from a … But many cosmologists now believe there are other “universes”, and perhaps our universe arose from one of them. Mr Universe: Everything, including us, from a bubble in spacetime? Why does so much interesting stuff exist in the universe? “Stephen Hawking found that space is unstable. Well, here is one thing that it's for: Figuring out why the universe exists, instead of not existing. if the Universe began to exist, it had a cause. Why does the universe exist?

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