The Golf Lab of Texas offers a comprehensive list of services.

  • Club Repair: re-gripping, re-shafting and bending. We do everything except grind the soles of wedges.
  • We re-grip using AIR, so this makes our custom fitting of grips a snap.
  • We can make all clubs perform better with our Dual Plane Flex Line Optimization. Don’t think performance aligning the shaft matters? Watch this Video
  • We are Tour Lock trained and have a special technique for back weighting that installs the weight where it does not have to be removed and re-installed when new grips are needed!
    We have tuned and balanced putters for a U.S. Amateur champion and for Tour players.
  • We do custom fitting for Callaway, Cobra and Taylormade products.
  • We test each and every shaft we can so we know the relative stiffness. The shafts, more often than not, flex differently than what is printed on the shaft.
  • Instruction & Coaching: Our main focus is helping golfers improve without making any unnecessary changes to their natural swing. We don’t use the “cookie-cutter” approach. So, we offer tips and suggestions that are proven to help.
    We offer both on-line instruction, via The Golfers Website Learning Center, and in person instruction in the LAB, on the range, and on the course. In person is better for interaction, but not everyone seeking help for their game lives close to the GOLF LAB. In the LAB we use a dual camera slow motion video system. This is the best learning tool one can use.
    We are not famous, not even a Top 100 teacher. But I promise you one thing. WE KNOW GOLF! We study it, we teach it, we coach it, we play it, we live it, we breathe it. We fit it, we build it, we repair it, we film it and most of all, we love it. And we guarantee you this, if you use our instructions lesson, and tips, found at the THE GOLFERS WEB SITE and you apply yourself, your game WILL improve. We have some 200 videos, articles, and documents that are proven to help your game. Most of these lessons, tips, and drills come straight from the PGA Teaching Manual. The others are some of our own proven ideas and methods. Plus there is a lot more information about golf other than video instruction.

In addition to our scoring clinics, we offer the GOLF S.A.T. program. Just like when you were ready to go to college you took the SAT’s to determine your knowledge level. The GOLF S.A.T. is similar. It is a SCORING ABILITY TEST, to test your golfing skills based on your current playing level. Learn more…

We have re-built and tuned both metal-woods and irons for PGA Tour players.
Visit the REPAIR CENTER to view the club repair videos.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.